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Dell Inspiron 8200 GeForce 440 Go driver that works?

Guest SH@DE

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Hi all,

Let me start by saying: great forums, awesome info all around.

I've been looking through the forums for a working driver for my aging Inspiron 8200.

After countless downloads, inf's & reboots I decided to post for help.

I apologize if this topic is on another thread, I couldn't find the right one.


Dell Inspiron 8200

nVidia GeForce4 440 Go 64MB w/ UXGA 1600x1200 Screen (dunno make/model)

Windows XP Pro SP2

All the drivers I tried run with a colored bar, about 1" thick on the right side of the screen.

The only driver and inf I tried that did show the correct resolution was 165.01 with the modded .inf. Unfortunately it BSD's the machine every time you attempt to access any video options or nVidia's control panel, or run dxdiag.

All I want is a more recent driver that works. I am running the dell supplied drivers from 2003!!

I am also looking for Vista compatible drivers, if any.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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There is no reason for you to use drivers that new on that card, there is also no good reason why you should switch to Vista on the I8200.

Try some older series drivers like 77.77, 82.10 (with included dell INF), and 84.26.

For the screen problem a driver that is pre-65 series or that is 101 series or higher should work.

You can also try the EDID fix using the enhancer page. (SEC3255)


However without knowing what screen you have I can't tell you what fix you need.


If you run NERD with a working or older driver it should spit out the correct screen information.

I know that the Dell 42.57 drivers have the correct LCD information output.

The older XP drivers should run on vista but I think you will have to disable driver signing checks to install them.

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Thank you Bill for your prompt reply.

82.10 showed the same problem using included inf and inf from tweaking page with the mentioned option for 1600x1200.

I have Vista Ultimate installed in dual-boot. Runs nice but slower than XP, no Aero of course and all bells and whistles disabled. I never use it, it's mostly for testing and because I felt I had to at least try. By the way, it runs with the old Dell drivers for XP. I haven't tried playing DVD's. Base core is 1.0 (Gaming and 3D), and Aero subscore is 1.9. I need 0.2 - 0.3 improvement in Aero subscore for it to be enabled. Just for fun.

This is just an update and to let you know I have read the post. I am not done with your suggestions yet. I am now going to try the 77.77, again and if it doesn't work I'll install the Dell driver back so I can find out which screen I have.

More detail about my I8200:

Pentium 4 M - 2.6 Ghz

UXGA 1600x1200 Screen

nVidia GeForce4 440 Go 64MB 4x AGP

1.5 GB RAM DDR PC2100

1st Drive: Hitachi Travelstar 60GB 7200rpm

2nd Drive: Hitachi Travelstar 40GB 5400rpm

(Upgraded recently from a 1.8Ghz to 2.6Ghz CPU, had replaced damaged ATI Mob Rad 9000 like a year ago, recently replaced worn-out hinges and keyboard, replaced the cooling fans, twice!. Battery still holds a 45 minute charge. In March of 2008 it will be 5 years since I got it. I only use it to work and for UT2004).

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Aero won't start on your 440 go, your wasting your time trying.

I (finally) found the info about the drivers fixing the EDID bugs for the quadro.

While this is a driver bug with Samsung screens and the quadro cards, I bet whatever they fixed in the newer drivers also fixes the issue for 440 go cards, maybe.


Try driver versions 91.28 or higher, or 65.90 and lower, or tell us your nerd output for the LCD.

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