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8600m GS Issues :(


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Also posted this in the Support forum!

Hey peeps, I am posting this as somewhat of a last cry for help. I Bought a HP Pavilion dv9543cl Laptop a month back or so.

It has an Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB Ram, and lovely Vista. Also the supposedly decent new card, 8600m GS.

Right off the bat with this laptop, I noticed that performance on virtually any game I played was crap, and I tried quite a few different drivers from this site, to no avail.

The main problem, was pretty much any game, ie. World Of Warcraft, was stuck with an average of about 10-15fps with either fully loaded settings, or minimal.

This problem persisted through any of the drivers I installed. :)

A few friends and I decided to give our old friend XP a try, thinking the Vista/8600m gs combo just wasnt rockin yet. Yet here I am with a nice copy of XP installed, and having the same damn problem.

I am just so confused as of what to do, I have already searched up most topics of this card on this forums, any driver I try so far produces the same exact performance. Is there something I am overlooking?

Is it possible that I just have a bogus card in my laptop? Pleeeeaassse help me!

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Here my advise .. First ...

Install clean XP os, Vista sucks to much resource IMO (HP original OS will guaranty that your notebook will fully loaded of bloat ware and lag ware)

Install all the system / component driver as necessary

Install Nvidia forceware 169.04, may add Riva tuner v2.06 if you like to overclock.

disable unnecessary background application and services using START > RUN > MSCONFIG

Ensure that you disable battery power saving on the bios if any, disable NVidia power Mizer on NVidia Control panel. In other word anything that safe power .. kill it.

Mine, BENQ S41 using 8600M GS, Run at 648 MHz Core / 1296 MHz Shader / 756 MHz Memory will do

World of Warcraft wtih :

All maximum slider setting in game (Max Distance), 4xAA, 8xAF, Full screen glow effect on.

60FPs almost all the time with just 46FPs is the lowest on Strangelthorn Vale (If you see the western side and facing open sea)

Play 6 hours ++ almost everyday without glitch so far.

This card can do a good job .. so don't be disappointed.

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hmm, all i did was installing drivers from here (i think i have 169.25 atm, it was posted here before, although i can't find it anymore here), and i'm doing fine. Gears of war - 1024x640 with full settings (no AAxAF) quite smooth, Call of duty 4 - 1024x640 full settings - smooth again. The Witcher is the only thing that was quite slow (before i installed 169.25) cause its poorly optimized, now running at 1280x800 mid settings, works alright.

The only thing i can't work out atm is freaggin Bioshock. its just not working at all for meh.. sucks :)

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