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Is the Asus F3SV Video Card Upgradable?

Guest Mike

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Curious since it has a 8600M GS.

If it is, I'm gonna upgrade it to a GT version so Crysis would at least run better >.<

Does anybody know? If you need pictures or something I can post it up later.


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I figured that might be the case. I've been researching more about this and found that Asus were making these cards look like MXM and almost MXM but not MXM.


I guess I'll wait for two more years to get a new one (barebone MXM upgradeable this time)

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Guest Sephiroth

Mine appears to be MXM. It's got an 8600GS in there, and though I haven't taken the card out (why would I need to? :) ), I've popped the case and the card appears to be MXM. Have you popped yours open?

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Called ASUS. They said that only the C90 is MXM, and that the F3SV uses a proprietary interface. I was like "so... can I buy an 8700GT that has this interface?" and the guy on the phone didn't really know. He told me to check estore.asus.com, which had nothing for the F3 series at all (not even a power adapter). So... seems like we're both out of luck. Here's to playing Crysis on low settings and no FSAA and barely getting 30 fps.

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