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i get very low fps in crysis


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i have go 7400 128 mb.i dwnlded ut3 demo n also moha demo i got slideshow fps but crysis runs not more than 10-15 fps sometimes dips to 7 fps :) .running on latest drivers most of settings are at low 800*600.shaders are at med tex are med and water is at med.atleast i should get 20 or above that..??

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Guest lukasrz


You have enough fps like on 7400 I think

I've 8600M GT (O/C 600/1000), much faster GPU then Your and on 60% high detail and 40% medium(medium shaders) in 1280x800 I've in game about 20-30fps.

I've 13500pts i 3dmark 2003 and about 8000pts in MARK05 and You?

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Yeah the shader is a FPS killer in Crysis, and also you have a 7400 with only 128MB of VRAM, Crysis requires at least 256. You may be able to get by on all low settings on low resolution.

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I have a 7700Geforce GO with 512 Ram, but the fps is still not up to par even with everything set to low =(

Is Crysis really such a performance hog? =(

or could it be my drivers

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