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8600M GT Vista 32 (Best Driver)(Crysis in Mind)?

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Mostly for Crysis... but what do you guys think is the best running driver at the current time. I have 169.4 installed now. Is that the one giving the best performance for most? I have heard and read a few different things so just wanted to be sure and see what the majority says. Thanks!

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You've heard and read several different things because people have several and different laptops.

Most people will tell you they have their own personal favourite driver for playing Crysis.

My own personal opinion is 156.69 (mobile optimized) which works well with the water effects which run broken for me on both 169.01 and 169.02.

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I'll have to try out that driver.. I dont think I have used that one yet.. I have had 169.4 installed for the past couple weeks. Ill check that one out.. Just trying to figure out the best setup. Even though I know I wont be sure until the game is actually released.

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