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Instrumental x64 Driver


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Hi all,

I am looking for one Instrumetal Driver that fits my NVIDIA Quadro FX 350M. Because of being a mobile card, I don't think that NVIDIA will release one that supports it. The ones I found are for x32 plataform, that's why the new topic.

The NVIDIA Perfkit (NVPerfKit_Vista_x64_5.10.3101.1130) comes with a bundle Instrumental driver, for Vista x64, that apparently fits my case, but it says that didn't found any hardware compatible. I guess that because of the NVIDIA's UDA architeture, the driver will still work for my card. That's why I would ask you guys for some guidance in how could I modifie this driver so that it can be installed in my card, and of course, release it later for those who my want do the same thing as well.

The final point it to be able to use the NVIDIA tools like the PerfKit and stuff, so I also ask if the this can be done by other way, like, installing the regular driver and in this, activating the instrumental support? Or the instrumental driver really has non-existent components on the regular driver and needs to be installed.

Ps: Thanks for all who colaborate to this community, a great place of resources for all of us.


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Doesn't it install properly with the modded INF? What driver versions are inside the PerfKit you mentioned. Any driver we do not have listed?

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The driver that comes bundled with the PerfKit is:

DriverVer = 09/17/2007,

I managed to successfully install it with the following versions of moded INF:

163.71 --> DriverVer = 09/17/2007,

163.74 --> DriverVer = 10/01/2007,

both the "closest" drivers versions I found, and also a few other, but even after the installation, the program, FogPolygonVolumes DX9 Demo for example, that comes with the package, keep saying that the Instrumental Driver was not found.

I noticed that with the Instr. Driver, there is a pane in the Nvidia control panel, with options like enabling or not the instrumental mods. Those options are also disabled after I install the Instr. driver with the moded INF.

Maybe is just the lack of an option in the INF informing that it is a Instrumental Driver that's being installed?

Thank you,

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