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Best Settings for a 8400M GT


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I recently bought a Sony Vaio FZ18M, with a nVidia GeForce 8400M GT with JUST 64mb of dedicated memory.

I'm driving crazy trying to run games which need more 128mb as minimum requirement, being the total video memory of 832mb.

Anyone can help me with this? I can see there is people playing Bioshock and GRAW2 with this card, and I'm unable to play with Europa Universalis III.

Is there any kind of trick to make the computer believe I have at least 128Mb?

Please, I'm a newbie with laptops and I'm driving mad..

Thank you

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Umm... I used to have the same laptop as you do now.

And you're right, it's surprising to see how slow it works with just 64Mb of dedicated video memory.

I don't have the solution to your answer (as I ended up getting a newer Vaio computer for just a little bit more) but I would also like to ask someone more expert than us the following:

Do laptop video cards with shared video memory automatically use it or do we have to activate it manually?

Because there is something that I still don't understand.

Spiderman 3 worked awfully slow on my old computer but that was understandable as the very own instructions manual said that on video cards with shared memory they had to be at least 128 Mb of dedicated video memory and more than 1 Gb of RAM to work well. So my old 64Mb card obviously couldn't do enough but still the game could run and made it moreless playable.

Now I have a 256Mb video card which can also share memory and I have 2Gb of RAM. But even with all that, Spiderman 3 has trouble working with all settings on their lowest and at 800 x 600.

Maybe the game is awfully optimized, but there has to be at least some speed increase, right? Well, I'm not seeing it unless I use certain drivers, and even then it isn't as playable as it should.

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Guest Alexandre


I got the same problem with a sony vaio SZ6 with nvidia GeForce 8400M GS.

The problem is not that the game is slow, but that the virtual memory is not considered by the game as included in the minimal requirement of 128M.

I am right now trying to find out if there is any solution on Paradox websites (Paradox is the editor of Europa Universalis III), but I think that the final solution should come from nVidia teams who could create drivers thatwould allow us to choose to fake or not those softwares...



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