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Guest Catalin Salgau

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Guest Catalin Salgau

Hi people!

I own an Asus F5M notebook equipped with a geForce 6100 video card.

Asus provides Vista drivers for it, but they're antique. The label says VGA_vista_070315. Inf file says December 2006.

At one point nvidia put out a driver that bumped the Vista rating on my desktop a good point or so. That was long after December 2006.

Game performance on my notebook is really bad so I wanted to update the drivers. As nvidia, for some stupid reason, doesn't provide Go drivers for my video card(Asus drivers are perfectly clean nvidia drivers. no addons) I turned to laptopvideo2go. Got the beta drivers for the Crysis demo and installed them. During install the screen blanked and switched to 640x480 then it blanked again and started turning white from bottom to top, displaying some line patters or something. Took some 7 seconds then after a few more it rebooted. Went into safe mode and downloaded an earlier driver. Same thing. An even older one rebooted during the whitening.

The I tried going to last known good working configuration and installed 162.18. These blanked, switched resolution and then started whitening the screen but in a few seconds it went to normal. Now I would say finally, but these are useless. Every time I get a UAC prompt it blanks the screen for a second or two, secure desktop comes up and after a second or more the elevation prompt comes up, then takes another 2-3 seconds for the screen to turn black and normal again. This didn't happen with the Asus one (it was almost instantaneous actually). And I get the same rating as before, but it takes longer to perform.

I returned to the default drivers for now, but this driver isn't made for games. It lacks too many advances in performance obtained by nvidia after the launching of Vista. And Windows Update isn't providing anything new.

Lots to read, but I hope someone can point me in the right direction without spending too many posts.


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Crysis on a 6100 GO...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL just forget it. I believe the minimum is a 6800GT...and thats the desktop version.

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I said I got the beta driver they put out for the Crysis demo. I have no intention of playing Crysis. My problem is with the really low overal game performance this driver gives me. I'd take anything newer than this and working.

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