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Need Help with Quadro FX Go1000 on an Inspiron 8500


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Inspiron 8500-A08, 2.4ghz P4-Mobile, 128mb nVIDIA Quadro FX G01000 (Forceware 84.69), 2GB RAM, 80gb 7400rpm 8mb cache main drive, NEC6500A DVD+-R/RW, TM1400 b/g/a WiFi miniPCI

I just put in a Quadro FX Go1000 128mb card into my 8500 (to replace the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 32mb), and at first all was okay, unless I ran something very graphics intensive, then it was shutting down due to GPU overheat (or so the system BIOS thought), but I mod'd the heatsync with a copper shim and removed the blue spongey stuff, and am using artic silver compound, and using I8KFANGUI for force the GPU Fan on all the time and now it's not overheating anymore... the GPU runs at about 44C when idol and about 54C when loaded down

but, now it appears that I am only able to use the card when the POWERMIZER is set to BALANCED or MAX POWER SAVINGS, if I go full-tilt and enable MAX PERFORMANCE, the video wiggs out, and I get white and yellow (sometimes cyan) vertical lines, and you can see a block outline of where my mouse pointer was but it too is made out of lines... eventually the video reverts to what I saw before the wigg out, but the system is now frozen, and a hard reboot is needed. if I set the powermizer to balanced or lower the card works flawlessly but not at full speed. I don't know if this is due to a faulty Quadro card or a fault in my system, or just a general incompatibility issue. Any help would be apprecieated.

I am currenly using forceware 84.69 (Dell) cause it is the most stable one that I have found, so far, that allows me enough time after installing it, to boot up, log in, and change the powermizer before the screen wiggs out and locks the system up... once I get to that point, I am fine. I would like to see what this card can do... so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

I have attached my NERD file (new file as of 11/14/2007, updated forceware to 84.69 but still having the same problem, I can run in PowerMizer Balanced or lower, but can not run at full speed)


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