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Quadro FX 1500M and Directx 10


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I have a Quadro FX 1500M (HP nw9440) with Vista 32-bit, but cannot get directx 10 games to run. Does this card just not support directx 10? Is there any way to get it to directx 10?

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Sorry - your graphic card is the equivalent of a 7900 GS;

The difference with the Quadro series are they are usually optimized for CAD, and etc~

directX: 9c, Shader Model 3.0

As far as I am aware - directX10 is a hardware feature of the newer nVidia graphics card series, such as 8x00 and above~

(and also includes the newer 8x00 equivalence Quadro series) -

Therefore - there is no way to change your card into a DirectX 10 card -

Of course - it is possible to run DirectX10 software using some hacks and registry edits -

However - this is, as far as I am aware, is only to get the games running - and is not able to actually produce the exact desired DirectX 10 effects (due to hardware limitations?) -

I doubt that you'll notice much difference between DirectX10 and 9 in most games anyways, besides Crysis -

(but even for Crysis - for such effects such as the light rays - I heard that a few registry edits to the game will make it work anyways)


Good luck!~!

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