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HP DV9585EL with GEFORCE 8600GS


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I'm a new user...and first of all I would like to give thanks to all people of this site for the fantastic support.

My laptop is HP DV9585EL with GEFORCE 8600GS. In this site there are a lot of driver version for this card. But what is the best version to increse performance for the 3d GAMES'

Thanks a lot.


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Honestly their is no such thing as a best version. Some drivers work bettter with some games and some don't. What I would do is try the latest driver that's out their 169.04 and see how it works. If your performance isn't that great and you feel it's not due to the graphical setting of a game then try a slightly lower down version and see how that works. Check the main page of this website and see which version is recommended for your OS.

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Hi !

The driver of Hp is shi... . Sorry, but I do not have a good experience with it. Clearly the orig. Drivers ran without crashing, but the performance was poor.

Of course, the 8600M GS is not the fastest graphics card, but with the 169.04 can be much better.

It is important, also, that you know the details of the games are not put on full.

The resolution also plays an important role. 1280 x800 should work best.

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