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This may seem a bit stretched but this may be one of the best solutions to getting drivers for SLi chipsets that utilize the NForce 100 bridge chip on non-nForce motherboards.

The goal is simple...

Provide a driver solution similar to the main driver INF project with download of packaged drivers containing all known HardwareIDs and SubsysIDs.

Since in theory each of these drivers is utilizing the same driver code all we have to do is find the latest driver out there and create an all-in-one INF file for all laptops we can find that need this driver.

Now just to warn you all the tweaks probably won't be added as experience has taught me best to keep it simple and tweak only if you know it will work so trial and error will probably lead to how far things can be tweaked, but hopefully enough can be added for maximum benefit for the GeForce SLI series and create a separate section for Quadro SLI as well for workstation laptops also.

Any one have any input?

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the driver code is different for n100 SLI. the DDK code has to be written by nVidia then supplied to the laptop vendors. To get SLI to work correctly 'out of the box' so to speak would mean actually having to hack the drivers and that is illegal?

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Technically the only thing we'd be doing is finding the most up-to-date driver package that is for an SLI notebook from a vendor and editing the INF to include support for more systems, so the legality isn't an issue. Since almost all nForce 100 using boards are quite possibly using the same exact bridge chip creating a uniform and unified SLI supportive driver distribution of drivers for multiple systems and vendors would (should) be relatively easy.

The problems I see are limited to one thing... where to find the most up-to-date SLi Driver package at that has support for the NForce 100.

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nVidia make all the drivers.

OEM's supply parameters for nV to make drivers to, ie TV ou, SLI, any other anomalies like Toshiba's EDID overrides etc etc.

OEM's don't write or do anything with the drivers other than have input to what is needed.

ie Dell needs a special fix for the i9400 closure problem that only one driver has.

And SLI enable on non nV MB notebooks only supplied with drivers 94.23

Clevo had nothing to do with the driver coding, other than probably supply the nV driver team with a laptop to get them to make a driver to make it work.

Just a pity that 94.22 and 94.23 drivers have so many differences in them.

If only SLI n100 chip enable code was added we could possibly have sucked it out.

But alas there are too many differences in the drivers to even attempt to find the code.

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