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Everything You SHOULD know about laptop SLI


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Guest Yaroha

My system is Dell XPS 1730 4Gb ram,8800mGTX in SLI,X9000.I dont have another choice rather than this laptop,because I travel alot overseas and I like to play latest games.I am using drivers from laptopvideo2go and I am happy with them,some of my games plays best with SLI enabled, but most played with one card all settings maxed out.Only game that I can not maxed out is Crysis.There is also game developers who make possible to use SLI in there games, so I would say that it is up to them to make sure that SLI and AgiaX is supported.Sorry for my bad English!!!

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honestly, none

for gaming i've come to the realisation that no laptop is suitable (for my needs as a competitive gamer)

I'm going back to a desktop, where i have control, and the best performance.

if you REALLY REALLY need/want a laptop for any reason, and you want SLI make sure its got a genuine nForce chipset and the vendor isnt tied into using DDK 'locked' drivers. Phone them before purchase and make sure you get a technical/correct answer from them (prefereably an official written response). If your serious about spending £2000+ on a premium high end gaming laptop then theres nothing wrong with getting official answers before you buy to make sure your getting exactly what your expect.

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Hi i am looking to purchase a M18x laptop. but i cant decide between buying the dual ATI 6990m or the Nvidia 580m. also before reading this article i had no idea about the drivers not being able to be updated if using a laptop build. is this still a problem? should i look for another laptop modle if so. please lend me some suggestions. also i have no choice but to purchase a mobile gaming platform. i have no living space for a full gaming desktop. please respond soon. and thanks. by the way my email is lubu938@aol.com

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