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SLI 8700M GT - Ultra Low bench-Mark!


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Ok, I have XPS M1730 with:

Windows Vista 32-bit on;

2.2GHz Intel T7500 Core 2 Dou

2Ghz Ram

And of course 2x NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT on SLI

I've tried these drivers:






And even 15x.xx versions and drivers from Dell.

None of these drivers gives me more than 4k Benchmark. I should be getting more than 7k+ with this machine right?

Can anyone help me? Please?

Also, somehow, windows update has a driver for me which was released on 30/10/07 but unfortunately, it always fails to download.

I really need help please. Thanks.

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Well guys... thanks for the reply even though they weren't that helpful. Downloaded 169.09 and it works like magic. Got 8050 score on 3Dmark06 now. And SLi is working just how I wanted it...


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I have the same system with 4 gig RAM and installed version you recommended but only got a score of 4964.. an improvement from the previous driver score of 4840. Can you help? Do I have a problem? Any advise would be appreciated greatly. What are you able to run Crysis settings at? I have the Extreme processor.

Thanks again. Scott

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