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Should I upgrade from original driver ?


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Hi there. I just got my new Lenovo N200 notebook which has a GF Go 7300 installed. I removed Vista-crap and installed Windows XP. I then installed the Lenovo drivers for the Geforce card. The Forceware-Version seems to be "86.63".

I have no idea how old this driver is. However, I found out that this card should have a feature called "PowerMizer" (could be spelled incorrectly). However, I am not really able to find this setting inside the driver anywhere. From my deskop PC (GF 8800 GTS) I am famililar with a real "NVIDIA Control Panel", and on the net I found screenshots where PowerMizer could be adjusted in such a control panel-like window. On my notebook I don't have that panel.

Is this because the driver is too old? Or does the driver I have just not show it, but apply power saving measures automatically?

If I'd have to update the driver I'd be glad for a recommondation. As the GF card is slow anyway I don't care too much about "game-fixes" drivers whatsoever. I've got my desktop PC for gaming anyway. What I care about is that the GF Go card can effectively save energy (or not, if I want it to have power for 3D applications).



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I think upgrading to a 1xx.xx series will fix your powermizer issue.

You should try 163.75, or maybe one of the WHQL nvidia released mobile drivers (with or without mod INF) in the 15x series.

Since gaming is not a priority for you any driver that installs from those series (with working powermizer) that doesn't make your computer unstable or have major bugs is a good one.

Your laptop should also use less power in XP than in Vista.

You can also underclock the graphics card to use even less energy.

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