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Call of Duty 4 crashes all the time on T61p


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Hi guys,

did anybody else try out Call of Duty 4 on a T61p.

It runs for some time and then freezes.

The same is with Half Life 2 Episode 2.

Unreal Trournament 3 Demo runs with no problems but that seems to be the only one.

Also the Crysis Demo never crashed.

Anybody have a clue why?



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What driver are you using?

The first thing you should do is use a different driver.

One of the 158 or 163/169 series would be good. (169.04 for crysis)

163.75 is also a good one to use.

The 163.71 drivers were optimized for team fortress 2, which I assume means they also run HL2:EP2 well. So the newer 163 and 169 drivers probably have the same performance enhancements/bug fixes.

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Guest The Dude!

hey dude the problem your having with high end 3D apps, crashing in about 2 to 15 minutes. some games or apps will go for hours befor crashing. its not a video driver problem.

ibm T61p had a huge batch of laptops with this problem(mine was one of them) its a bad board. and to confirm this is simple. just pull out one stick of ram.

for some odd reason using 2 Dimm's causes crashing of games and other 3d apps.

a lot of people have tested this problem in XP vists, server 2003, and even linux.

and all you can do to fix this problem is taking out 1 sitck or ram. or to send it in for a motherboard replacement.

and it dose not matter if your using 512 stick or a 2gb. just 2 sticks cause crashing.

hey sorry if you can't understand anything i'm saying. been up for about 38 hours now.. (Stupid WoW) lol

take care.

hope this helps.

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