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NW9400 GPU woes


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If anyone on this board still owns a NW9440, I would be eternally grateful for a little help. Mine has gone back three times to HP repair, and three times it has come back with the same problem. Basically, the original fan died - the replacement fan does not "rev-up" to anywhere near the pitch and volume of air of the old fan. I thought the replacement fan was incorrect, however, it now appears that there was a "redesign" of the NW9440, and this is now the "version B" of the fan for the unit.

Some older NW9440s used to "rev-up" quite high and loud during heavy GPU usage, some of the newer ones apparently do not (there was a problem when using DVI out of the docking station with certain colors that would rev-up the fan to "hairdryer" level). There is one utility I found that reliably heats up the GPU, while keeping tabs on the temperature. It is the ATiTool, Version 0.26. When running the 3D box, my unit crashes (shuts-down abruptly) every time when the GPU temp reaches 104-105 C.

Before I send the unit back to HP for the fourth time, I would like to confirm that other NW9440s can pass the test (especially if it is a unit with the "softer", second-generation fan). My original unit didn't have any problems with the ATiTool test even running overnight, although the fan did kick up to "very high" once in a while in order to cool the GPU down (if memory serves, the temp stayed around 75-80 C). The GPU is the Nvidia Quadro FX 1500M.

Many thanks for any reports,


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