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My Nvidia Go 7950 gtx is causing me some issues..


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I'm currently using Dell's 94.22 driver in my XPS M1710. Every time I go to play a game, it runs fine for about 10 seconds, then I hear my GPU fan speed up loudly, which then leads to my monitor turning into black, white and grey lines, which then leads to a BSOD once the GPU overheats enough.

I've used other drivers on this site, and they all lead to the same problem. If someone can tell me what the hell to do here, I would really appreciate it.

Edit: And yes, I've cleaned out the vents and I even have a cooling pad installed...

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The driver 94.whatever is a very old driver. I would guess that the reason your screen crashes so badly is because your trying to play a newer game using a driver that was written a long time ago that is not really compatible with today games. Your running a fairly powerful laptop so I would try one of the latest drivers on here and see what happens. What game in particular are you running that cause this problem? What OS are you running?

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Every game from WoW to Hellgate London to HL2.

I'm using XP Home SP2.

I'll try some of the newer drivers and see what happens.

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Well, I'm using 163.75. Deleted the coolbits line in the INI file and everything is fine, I only tested a game for 5 minutes though then I crashed, but it was a game related issue (Hellgate London is VERY buggy). Only issue with this driver is that if I try to open up the nVidia control panel, my computer freezes and then gives me the BSOD. I'll keep testing this one out and see what happens.

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