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TOSHiBA Satellite Hinge Remediation Program


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Toshiba received a small number of Customer complaints that the plastic housing surrounding the hinges on the PCs was cracking ("Subject Symptom"). The Subject Symptom does not pose a safety hazard. In order to insure Customer satisfaction, Toshiba initiated this Voluntary Satellite Hinge Remediation Program.

Affected models:

Satellite 1000-S157, 1000-S158, 1005-S157, 1005-S158, 1100-S101, 1100, 1110-S153, 1115-S103, 1115-S104, 1115-S123, 1115-S107, 1130-S156, 1130-S155, 1135-S155, 1135-S1551, 1135-S1553, 1135-S1554, 1135-S1552, 1135-S125, 1135-S156, 1200-S121, 1200-S122, 1715XCDS, 1730, 1735, 1750, 1755, 1955-S801, 1955-S807, 1955-S803, 1955-S804, 1955-S806, 1955-S805, 1955-S802, 3000-S353, 3000-S309, 3000-S307, 3000-S304, 3005-S303, 3005-S307, 3005-S308, 3005-S304, 3005-S403

Under the terms of the Voluntary Satellite Hinge Remediation Program, You are entitled to receive either a refund of Your out-of-warranty repair expense, or a $50.00 cash refund, or a $75.00 credit voucher for use at http://www.toshibadirect.com.

More information and download of the claim form HERE.

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I reported this problem to Toshiba over 2 years ago and they replace my hindges twice. After the second repair the whole thing just stopped working. I wasnt going to pay to have it repaired with a design defect that I knew would continue to cause problems. I only got 2 years use from a $1400 notebook that rarely left the house. I wonder if I should get legal counci

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