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FPS How do I measure them ?


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FRAPS can measure framerate, but your better off using a game's built in frame counter probably.

If the game has one, activating it is different per game.

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Some games it is F12, others it is some other F number, some you have to open a console and type "stat FPS". (especially unreal engine games)

If you want me to tell you more you will have to name some games, but since Google exists I am not sure if I should answer you or not.

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sorry for those questions. If you knwo right awy then please let me know.

I play currently those games:

Gears of War


The Witcher

Need for Speed Underground 2

C&C 3

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I have used the Driver Sweeper. But it has delited all of my drivers . When I restarted the laptop Vista has installed back the original drivers automaticly.

However when I go to Nvida GeForce 8600M GT Properties and go to update drivers I can still see a list of previous installed drivers (but not able to istall them),

Why do they still appear in there I do not want them. How can I get rid of them ?

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