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Choppy HD video playback in full screen with Quicktime


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I've got a HP Pavilion dv6000z notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium. It's got an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 1.7GHz Processor TK-53 with 2GB DDR2 667MHz RAM. The graphics processor is NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150. I get very choppy HD video playback in full screen mode with Quicktime, audio works fine. Like if I try to watch a movie trailer in HD & view it in full screen the video playback is quite far from smooth-I generally use the Apple movie trailer website which loads Quicktime separately for HD videos. However, if I 'maximize' the window but don't view it in full screen the video plays perfectly smooth. Or, if I save the video to my computer & then view it with VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player, it works perfectly fine. This is with all the resolutions; 480, 720 & 1080. 1080 doesn't work well with Windows Media Player though, only VLC Media Player is able to play that smoothly. Why is this happening, how do I fix it? I switched to the 165.01 drivers from the laptopvideo2go website instead of the HP website drivers which didn't help at all, in fact, in Quicktime I had to select 'safe mode (GDI only)' for any video playback to work cause I was getting a green screen otherwise, this was not the case with the drivers from the HP website. Anyone else with the same notebook/GPU able to help me out & tell me which driver worked perfectly for them?

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You should use media player classic.


That is what I use, and I can run 720P videos on my old laptop.

All of the big name video players use up too many computer resources.

I recommend that you get the player along with the K lite codec pack. One installation will have everything that you need to run all kinds of videos. (everything but straight playback of HD DVD and Bluray disks)


You might have to play around with the video overlay settings to get the video to work with newer drivers, or maybe its a vista bug.

That driver you tried could also just be a buggy one. Your probably better off trying 163.75.

Your laptop should be able to run 1080p videos. (although probably not HD DVDs and blu ray disk)

You might have to use XP though to get any decent performance.

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