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Can't figure out what driver to use..7950GTX


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I've got a Killernotebook Executioneer. It's based on the Clevo m570u. I'm using a NVidia GeForce Go 7950GTX. The driver version from Clevo is 86.54 (not listed on the faq pages).

Bios version is

Looking through what was available, it wasn't clear what other drivers may be available for this card since it's not listed under the 160 drivers "code". I'm looking to overclock it, and rivatuner and coolbits settings won't "stick" (they revert) with this driver. The only other option I know of is to flash the gpu bios.

edit: attached nerd file

btw; if you aren't familiar with Killernotebooks, they mod the mobile gpu's in their machines for better cooling... Haven't seen anyone else who does this, nor seen anyone mention it.

Here's the newer Executioner SR... new copper finned heatsinks over the gpu and cpu.



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