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Choppy video!


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Since this is my first post, I'd like to say hi to everyone in this community. It's a great job you're doing here!

So, here's my problem: I have the P100-324 notebook, that originally comes with the XP_MCE preinstalled. Recently I bought Vista Ultimate (BOX) and installed the 32-bit version* on my notebook. Everything's running fine, except the weird video issue.

The thing is - the movie playback is very choppy, especially if I try to resize the window. This applies to all the players (also PowerDVD and DVD playback). The only one that works is the VLC - but I remember having to mess a lot with the settings (something related to video output). The irony is that I use VLC mostly for 720p x264 playback, and that's the one that runs smoothly ;-)

During the choppy playback the CPU doesn't use more than 20% of its power, also the power settings are fine. Also, the problem is there no matter what version of drivers I install.

Any ideas what could be causing the problem?


* - The reason for the 32bit version was the stupid Conexant audio in my notebook. But yesterday I bought X-Fi for Notebook, so I'm thinking about moving to 64-bit :-)


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Really, nobody knows the solution? If you can just point me in the right direction. I search the forum a couple of times, but I found nothing. This is for sure a software-only issue (playback works well on other OSes).

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