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Hi ppl, bit of a noob question i think. I have a amd turion 64 bit cpu (see below) but am running on a 32 bit XP OS, i want to upgrade to the 64 bit XP OS but im not sure if i will need new hardware drivers and software?

Does anyone know if you do or not? i know you do for the gpu but how about for the rest of the hardware like touchpad, modem, wlan card, function key controller, etc.? As for software do you require 64bit software or will all my programs and games work on it as is?

If 64bit drivers and software are needed are these easy too come by? i figured being 64bit XP it has been around for ages so there should be alot compatible is this true?

Does anyone actually use 64 bit OS' or are there too many unavailable drivers & software that support the technology atm?

Advice would be greatly appreciated as i would really like the added kick of the 64bit processor...

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i know for certain that most of your hardware has 64bit drivers ready, but i dont know if there are 64bit drivers for your wireless card.(depends a lot per manufacturer).

why do you want to use windows XP 64Bit?

For encoding movies, picture editing, sound editing 64bit is faster, but most other applications, like games for example, dont have an 64bit version and runs in Wow64(32bit emulator for windows XP 64bit). Which is slower most of the time.

if your going to upgrade your memory to 4gb or above, then i highly recommend 64bit.

hope i could help.

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Hi, Bob is it?

thanks for the advice. i mainly use it for gaming, a couple guitar related programs, and AutoCAD. apart from those its really only used for everyday type things (iTunes, Internet, Pictures, Movies, etc.)...

so in my case do you believe i should try to update to 64bit? i thought 64bit is just generally 2x as fast as 32bit? how could it slow it down further than a 32bit?

Thanks again :)

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no, 64-bit is not "2x as fast as 32bit"... just because the number is twice as large you automatically equate it with double the performance? you should go do some research for yourself on what a 64-bit OS is really capable of.

one of the main advantages is being able to address 4GB+ of RAM, and the 64-bit registers are indeed faster for a handful of scientific and industrial applications specifically designed for it.

in short, if you don't know what a 64-bit OS is for, you don't need it.

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Thanks buddy, that cleared it up nicely. Basically for my needs, having 64bit processor is absolutely useless seeing that theres no point using a 64bit OS. :)

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