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Latest Driver for 7900GTX Go for Xp x64?


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I am using Forceware 156.66 right now and I play everquest 2 and sometimes my graphics are garbled and I experience lag when I have not ever had problems with the game.

Im using a 7900 GTX go on Windows XP x64bit anyone know which driver is the latest or the most reliable driver to date?

I would appreciate if someone could chime in..



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Hi Jonathan, sorry that this is kinda off topic.

See i am thinking of changing my OS to the 64bit XP, but im not sure if i will actually benefit from it or not.

I use my comp mainly for games, apart from that its only used for everyday things (iTunes, Internet, Guitar programs, pics, etc.)

What do you mainly use it for and would you recommend that i upgrade or not? I was told that for some applications it can actually reduce performance.

Again, sorry for being off topic :) .

pm me if you like, your advice would be appreciated.

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As far as videogames are concerned, I don't think any games are written in a 64 bit way meaning that their is no advantage to having a 64 bit OS. But if your want the newest XP 64 bit driver here it is.


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Stick with 32bit. I lost a lot of performance from eq2 when I switched to x64 bit and drivers are horrible for laptops...

When I was 32bit xp pro with raid 0 I had no lag at all, now I receive lag and lower FPS.

And if you are into MMOs and you like to use multiple instances of the game to play 2 characters at once then x64 wont let you run two programs in "32bit" mode, so you are better off sticking with 32bit for gaming. seriously.

And thanks for the driver fat geek!

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Thanks guys, i appreciate the advice. I'll definitely stick with XP 32bit now :) :)

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