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I havent posted on the forums, but I read alot.

I have a Toshiba G40 10-E which I got around a week ago, since Ive been wanting to play some nice games on it but couldnt as the Toshiba drivers suck arse, as they were 101.xx something, lol

I found this site from the official toshiba forums and glad I did, I didn't know about modded INF files but iam very familier with computers so it wasnt rocket science to me. Got the crappy stock drivers uninstalled and put on a new pair of 163.75's A HUGE upgrade for me, I could now run Bioshock as it wudnt get past the intro before and overall Fps in games had increased and Crysis ran ok-ish. Now Ive got 169.04 which are even better, the fps has increased by like 6-10 it feels.

Anyway besides the drivers, Ive found tons of threads to aid me in improving my laptops performance etc, and Ive always hesitated to OC my hardware but it seemed very tempting, Checked out a few guides and I was ready, Running my 8600m GT at 625/475 now and it runs very stable, testing UT3 demo for about 2 hours now so ;D

Last but not least, a HUGEEEE THANKS to the guys who run this site, mod the inf files, upload stuff, the Forum community. All are top notch, and I hope to stick around as this site is great for new driver information and overall laptop help :)

P.S What you think of my laptop, not a gaming machine I knw, but I can run Crysis in 1600x1200 in Medium with good fps thanks to you guys :)

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