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Problem with running games on Insperion 1720


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Hey guys,

Im beginning to become a frustrated dell insperion user.

I'm playing most of the recent games thats out there.

Like Lord of the Rings Online.

World In conflict



But down the line they all give me the same problem.

The game freezes a couple of seconds then the lcd panel switches to completly black for a couple of seconds.

And the turns to "normal" and starts the same problem again.

There seems to be a popup saying that one of the nvida.DLL's is not responding anymore...

Anybody els have or had this issue?

Any knowledge on how to fix it?

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Guest bartier



You only have to download the latest version of directx 9 but SDK version

this version for programmers add to Vista what's missing

for me it works !!!!

good luck

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Oke anybody know what he's talking about?

and if this is correct?

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what's the difference of these direct x versions? i have a similar issue with my xps 1330, with lineage 2 i just got a random black screen after some minutes of gameplay. actually i'm using is direct x sdk (august 2006 ) too many people tell this version fix some criticals, but i just continue having the same problem-_-

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Anybody els know about this issue.

And a way to fix it

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I have/have had this issue too, on inspiron 1520.

If you take a look at google or the nvidia forums, you will find that you are absolutely not the only one.

I have tried upgrading to the driver 169.04, and so far, I haven't seen the problem, but I am not 100% sure yet.

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