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Ge Force Go 7900 GS 512mb, (Windows Vista 32bit) DRIVERS

Guest Flecktarn

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Guest Flecktarn

Dear Community,

PLEASE help. I have looked up several forums. But until this day, I havent found any solution for my Ge Force Go7900 Gs. After buying crysis, I couldnt wait to give the game a go. But even after setting the shaders to "high" no shadows were displayed.

I really need drivers for this video card, any idea on where to get one....or how to "mod" Nvidias drivers???

Hoping for a helpful reply!


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I think your card could only be overheating, get the i8kfan software to manually control your cooling fans, or did you remember to use the Driver Sweeper software in safe mode after you removed your old video drivers, maybe little scrapes of your old drivers are interfering with the new one. check the links below...



i have a nvidia 7900gs card 256mb with core duo 1.73ghz and 2gb of ram, all my games runs really good.(Gears of war, jericho, call of duty 4, medal of honor airborne with everything on high including resolution at 1400x900, the reason i pull it off is because of good driver maintenance)...i mean it doesn't matter if you have a powerhouse machine, bad drivers will cause a Core duo extreme to run like a solo petium 4....Drivers are important.

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