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Hey, first thanks for all the helpful threads on here. Still not entirely sure if I'm going about it the right way to get the most out of my card. I'm on:

Sony Vaio FE21M

Intel Centrino Duo T2300 @ 1.66

Vista Ultimate 32Bit


Nvidia GF Go 7600

128 Bit with 128MB

Also 256MB shared

I've played around with various drivers, currently on 158.45, and using rivatuner to change the clock speeds. Been running 3DMark06 and am getting about 2000 with 1024x768. Does this sound right? Is there anything else or a better way to go about finding an optimal setup? Or does anyone use a different driver? What's the upper threshold for overclocking going to be like (how high is reasonable to go)?


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what were the core and mem speeds for your card b4 the overclock

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That seems about right, possibly more so than I would expect your laptop to achieve. I got a Core Duo T2500@2.0GHz and a GeForce Go 7600 128bit 256MB dedicated card. With 1GB of ram 667MHz, I get about 2310 in 3dmark06 at 1024x768. Overclocked, hovering between 2650 and 2710. My score is naturally higher partly because of the larger video memory of my card, partly because of the faster dual-core processor, and partly because I am running under 32bit XP SP2. These are obtained using the 169.28 drivers for XP 32bit. So I'd say yours is performing well within the normal range, considering your using the "ressource-hogging" Vista, with only 1GB to boot (Vista uses a lot of system ressources, 2GB is the minimum for such an OS really, if you game).

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