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Need driver for Geforcego7600 wich with best compatibility


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I tryed the newest out (169.09) but he didnt work properly.

Then i tryed 165.01 and well it works but i cant get dual view to work:(

I dont get any performance improvements too because the ntune doesnt work with this driver.

I even get a freeze if i start the nvidia control panel O_o

yes i uninstalled, used sweeper in secure mode and then installed the driver.

yes i read " Please stop asking "What is the best driver"!" but its too old and the link at page too gets my to a broken page:(

thanx in advance for ur help guys:)

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In my opition, best drivers for that card (also my card) is 93.71 whql. I'm currently playing battlefield 2 (2 year game), world in conflict and call of duty 4 (1 month games, if i'm right).

That drivers never give me any kind of problems, even with an high overclock (gpu 450 - mem 800).


sorry for my english!

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Hello, I have the same GPU on my HP dv9217ea.

What does this drivers ?-

Because the HP drivers 98.15 aren't not stable with conecting video projector...

Clone, un-clone, clone again, un-clone again... flashing windows... when conecting video proj.

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