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Clevo m570u questions.

Mr. Spoon

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So, I ended up buying a m570u versus waiting for a m570RU primarily due to the former having RAID, and the m570RU had barely any press, so they only card promised was the 8700m gt.

Now that an 8800M is coming out, I had a few questions regarding the ability to upgrade.

Is the GPU in the m570U an MXM IV, just like the m570RU? If so, and an 8800M comes out that's MXM IV, would upgrading (theoretically or not) work? I realize the 7950 GTX GO is a wonderful card, but an 8800 would be great too. :)

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Clevo does not use mxm.

A contrare' The m570RU, and DC900C/DC901C do. Type IV at that-which is excessive to the point of excess.

However... unfortunately neither of their earlier brothers share this from what we know. Modular? Probably. MXM, not as far as we know.

Had ya waited for the M570RU... you could be drooling over the 8800m GTX right now... but sadly, that is likely not the case for you.

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yes it's modular. mxm: NO!

Its MXM. Its type IV. Which has been fully confirmed by nvidia. Plus. GASP Its on the table here http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/Table.html

Oh yes. And its advertised in BIG letters.

Oh yes. And read through this. Please. http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/7950.html

I am not kidding. The M570ru, D900C/D901C unlike ALL prevoius clevo. Are mxm. I don't know what your paying attention to, but there it is. Enjoy.


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why clevo cards doesn't work in laptops from other brands that use mxm?

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why clevo cards doesn't work in laptops from other brands that use mxm?

Mmm? For one, as far as I have herd, no 8X00 or HD2X00 mxm card works in an older revision slot. (Currently were working on Rev2.0/2.1) along with most 7950GTX.Second. vbios groan time if we've actually tested it that far... but I haven't herd of any preticular attempts to use say, the card from a M570ru in say, another Rev2.X type III... maybe because until now there was nothing higher than what they came with in them. Say, the HP 8710... I dont think ice-teas inital attempt was in a system that supported Rev2.0+ of MXM. Yknow, just like the reason why everyone with an 7600 hasnt upgraded to a 8600GT... Though it would be nice if ice tea clerified on that one what he tried putting it in... rereading said article makes me realise... he didnt mention what he tried putting it in at the time...

Also. Frankly. They wouldnt have been sqrewed over by the new cards coming out being output incompatible with the current MB revisions of the D900/901C due to a hillarous thing NV forced in them if it was their own design... And have the 8800ms supplied by nvidia work, confirmed, in the M570ru-abeit with S3 crashing. Hillarous little thing they did. Nv made E-EDID 1.2/1.3+ 100% necessary... Or your screen doesn't... yknow. Do anything.

Or atleast. Thats my take of the situation.

Now if you want to go to pre C revisions of the D900, or any other named M570. Yeah. Not mxm. good luck.

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