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I have an m570ru with 8700gt and i want to upgrade it to 8800m when the module will be available.I have found the module from eurocom for 626$ alone and available from end of december.Just simply slide 8700 out and slide in the 8800m module, or is there any problems doing it and is possible to do it alone without technical assistance?It will need a bios upgrade or no?My bios version version is 1002...

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You will needa check the size of the MXM, also you will most likely have some problems removing it, due to the heatsink compound sticking to the Sink + Core. HAve to be super careful while removing....... or else you wil ldamage the old card....

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Clevo does not use mxm.

1, yes, clevo does now, seriously people..., in the M570ru and D900C/D901C only but please... Pay attention.

2, The M570ru DOES support the 8800, however you will be unable to use anything that is suspend-to-ram with the 8800 installed (mostly, sleep mode. Common solution, just use hibernate... its superior anyway) There is a motherboard upgrade/reworking type thing avalible to remedy this, sager in p reticular is offering it-rather fairly to those who have ones branded by them, and none too expensively to those who arnt. Well, considering the video cards included in the price anyway.

Other than that, its rather straight forward from what I hear. (Thanks to the bloody MXM IV slot space...)

Who did you buy your M570ru through?

And if your wondering, current revision D900C/D901C's cant use the 8800 at all due to a prevously optional, now vital mxm spec they lack. They also have an upgrade around for this, also by sager(and others likely XD) to fix it... which is utterly essential.

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Yes, even though the official Clevo stance is that a motherboard upgrade is also required for the m570ru, it would indeed seem it will work except for S3.

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