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ACPI Flash BIOS version 4.20 for Satellite P100 - Fixes Video Problem in Vista


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If you have a Toshiba Satellite P100 / P105 and running Vista Ultimate (in my case X86), Toshiba has just issued a new bios update that seems to have fixed all my video problems. It is not listed on their support site yet but here is a link to the download. ACPI Flash BIOS version 4.20 for Satellite P100 http://dfo.toshiba.com/?soid=1903197

I have a Nvida go 7900 gs in my laptop and Vista has never given me much performance with the video. Dreamscene would not work correctly and playing a full screen video was a stop and studder nightmare. After appling this bios upgrade, everything is working very smoothly. CPU usage with dreamscene is acceptable and video play smooth with no problems at any resoultion.

Hope this can help others! :) :)

Thank you Toshiba!!!!

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It jst keeps crashing my system...I want my old Bios back :) lol

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Guest rgreen517

I had some success with it. But I still get random drops in FPS in Battlefield 2142. Could someone tell me if they know of a fix for this. I am running Vista Ultimate on the same PC listed as the Topic Starter. Is there some sort of polling happening with Vista. I have tried both Wi-FI and Wired so I know it isn't the internet connection. I have gone back to XP for the time being and the problem disappeared. So it has to be something with Vista

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