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ps help with driver 7150M and Win2K


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Please soneone help. I bought a HP pavilion dv6607nr this weekend and I wasn't going to use Vista. All my attempts to install a Win2K graphics driver on a new win2K intall have failed. I have used many nForce drivers off the web and nVidia site, but none work. AMD 64 TK-53 cpu (7150M graphics). I'm really stupid about the differnece with the 64 processor and 32 bit W2K. Does the install look at the operating system, cpu and the graphics device to decide if the driver is good?

I know the driver files contain the

NVIDIA_C73.DEV_07E0.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 7150 / NVIDIA nForce 630i"

line in the nv_disp file, but during install it says "no driver found".

I tested the 169.09 XP 32 bit version and crashed to bluew screen dump near the end of installing

Please don't make me go to Vista........

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Tony and AL... I hate to break it to you both but you're faced with a bad issue. The 7150M/630M was only built for Vista sadly enough and since Windows 2000 is at the End of Life Stage of support from Microsoft you will not see any new developments from Microsoft or Nvidia regarding drivers for the operating system. XP will not have driver either and attempting to force install another chipset ID upon it will break the system badly.

I fail to see why you can't use Vista (with some minor tweaks) as well as 2000/XP. Just turn off UAC and Indexing. Simple and effective tweak.

BTW AL, you may want to use Home Basic with 512mb of RAM. Premium, Business, and Ultimate all require at least 1GB or more of RAM.

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Guest John Sherwin
has anyone given you an answer, I have the same problem....Would like to use my laptop with XP,need driver for 7150m/630m

Please send me an E-Mail at tonybas12345@gmail.com

Yes this one works i had same Problem dont mind the guy that says you cannot sort it.

Use this link below.


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