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hdmi to dvi issue with Dell monitor


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I just purchased this from Dell directly. I am unable to get the proper resolution for this monitor. I wanted to run the setup at D:\drivers\setup.exe and I get this error

"Please check if Dell 3007WFP is Plug-In!"

Well, it IS plugged in and powered on. I see my desktop there (I have it set to duplicate view between my laptop and this monitor). The other problem is that Vista is showing it at 1280x800 max resolution. However, my laptop video card is Nvidia 8400M GT which supports the maximum resolution of this monitor.

I'm using this cable:


I am unable to install the driver because of the above error. I'm using Vitsa 64bit Ultimate. Please help me out.

Nothing happens when I press + or - as well. I ran this file and rebooted, but see no changes:


Dell has no drivers to download at all: http://support.dell.com/support/down...&am...tid=&impid=

I was told on Dell's forums this:

The video card port that the monitor is connect to must be a DVI-D Dual Link connector to get 2560x1600. If not, you will only get 1280x800.

My Sony laptop only has an hdmi port, not DVI.

How can I work around this? I don't see why it should not work. It worked

fine on my 22" samsung (hdmi to dvi).

Would this adapter help at all?


Or anything from here?


Full Specs:

Sony Laptop VGN-FZ290

Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz

4GB Memory

Vista 64bit Ultimate

Nvidia 8400M GT 256GB Dedicated / 768MB Shared

Nvidia's site says this series supports dual link dvi


I was told that I need a dual link dvi cable.


Is this good? Its a dual link dvi, but not sure about the hdmi. How do I know what type hdmi port my Sony laptop has? Their site does not mention anything about this and I won't bother asking their lame support.

Someone on Dell's forum said the hdmi has to be dual link as well (29 pin).

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The 3007 will only show up to 1280 * 800 on any single link DVI or HDMI connector

higher resolutions are only enabled on dual link connectors (currently not found on notebooks)

so even though the 3007 supports up to 2560 * 1600 and HDMI supports up to 1920 * 1200, you will NOT be able to get these to play on the 3007

it's not the cable

it's not the 3007

it's the single link implementation from HDMI in notebooks

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Yeah its your laptop. You should check this stuff with a knowledgeable sales associate before you buy it, then if it doesn't work its false advertising.

My laptop actually should be able to run it. (has dual link DVI port)

Although I won't have the opportunity to test one of those monitors for a while.

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Ok, what about this TV?

Sharp 32" AQUOS HD LCD TV - LC-32D62U 1080p

The max resolution is 1920x1080 so will my laptop work on this in full screen qualtiy

with the hdmi (from laptop) to TV?

If I'm not mistaken, single link handles up to that resolution correct?

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It should work.

There were a few desktop cards from like 5 or 6 years ago with DVI that can't handle 1080p or WUXGA, but those chips aren't used anymore.

Single handles up to WUXGA (1920x1200). Technically it can handle a few more pixels on top of that as well. (assuming 60 Hz refresh rate)

I myself regularly run my laptop through a 16 foot DVI to HDMI cable to our plasma TV and run 1080p over it just fine.

I got my cable from newegg.com for about $10 too I believe.

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I'm about to buy this model (the same 32" Sharp but the gaming model)

LC32GP1U 32" 1080p LCD Gaming HDTV

It has a DVI input which will work great hooking up my hdmi to dvi cable to this thing. This is a native 1080p gaming TV, works out well.

Also, is it possible to somehow use Media Center to recognize the TV for sake of scheduling recordings

or is MCE strictly based on TV tuners for the PC's?

Any warnings before I buy this TV?

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