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I desperately need a new lappie which is capable to some gaming but not the ultimate one. The alternatives here are quite restrcted, either go8700 or Quadro 1600M equipped; perhaps go8600 SLI also. But what about those SLI ones - meaning Toshiba Satellite X200. The 8700 version seems not to be available, having probably been replaced with Go8600 SLI. Does the SLI version have problems with drivers/driver updates and is it always faster than single 8700? The other alternative is HP 8710w with quadro 1600M. But it offers just one HD vs. Toshiba with dual HDs and costs probably 300? more. I suspect the Toshiba to have more restricted operation time w. battery with SLI using more power. I can't wait go8800 versions to come and they probably are over what I'll spend to this hobby at least so far; perhaps next time. ATI seems to be out of question, offering Mobile 2700 at best, which rivals go8700 probably, but only in Amilo which I won't buy because of not so favourable experiences.

Do you have experiences of these lappie models?

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Heh... I would steer clear from SLI notebooks after the stories that are floating around..

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I have got the same impression, regrettably. I'd bought a Tosh with single go8700 if available in this country but not.

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I would forget the name brands and get a custom built machine.

You can get way more for the money, if you find a good local dealer.


I got my laptop for $1,800, custom built:

Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GhZ (That's a desktop processor)

512MB Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT

2 GB RAM @ 800 MhZ (Better than the 667 MhZ Ram alot of laptops come with)

100 GB Hard Drive @ 7200 RPM

So this machine isn't the end all of gaming obviously, but compared to what I would have gotten for the same amount of money from a major manufacturer, I did pretty well, I think.

So if I were you, I'd shop around and see what kind of machines a local dealer can build you.

BTW, the support from a goo dealer is usually alot better than a retailer.

When I first got my laptop, it worked fine for a few days, then started crashing and finally wouldn't start. Instead of blaming me or doing some half-arse fix, they built me an entirely new machine from scratch. I have a 3 year warrant on the parts (minus the screen which is 1 year) and 1 year warranty on labor. Definitely, definitely worth the effort of shopping local.

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What are you doing with the Amilo, btw?

Perhaps keep it first for backup, then donate it to my son.

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I would forget the name brands and get a custom built machine.

In this country there are one or two dealers that might build lappies themselves, so no price benefit and the parts they use are no way up-to-date. The demand is about non-existent in this small country.

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I would say if you want to do serious gaming a single 8600 or 8700M GT is just not fast enough. I would get either an SLI 8600/8700M GT, or get a single 8800M GTX.

The single 8800M GTX is cheaper than SLI 8700M GTs, and you can start preordering them now.

My SLI setup is fast enough to run UT3 at highest in game settings (no AA AF) at WUXGA.

This should be good for a while. A single 8600 card just wouldn't cut it next year.

If you get a nice clevo machine you shouldn't have to worry about SLI working.

Go look for a vender thats sells clevo stuff.


I would highly recommend the D901C. You can always get a single graphics card, hdd, ect now and upgrade later.

For gaming though, if you don't need tons of HDD space or have tons of money, 3 of the cheapest drives (or cheapest 7200 RPM drives) in a triple RAID 0 setup is awesome at gaming.

My laptop even loads Crysis very fast.

This topic lists a lot of resellers, you guys should be able to ship one to any country.


If it costs too much due to tariffs you really should move to a more free market country. </libertarian rant>

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