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Just got your new shiney laptop and are dying to show of it's features, then read on.

We are looking at laptop reviews to post on the front page, just to spruce the place up somewhat.

If you would like your machiine and article in lights then start writing.

Once the server is working as it should we are looking at a review section.

Like the news we could possible pull of the newest so many reviews and these are put on the frontpage.

What we would like to see is honest reviews of a system.

I'm tired of new machines with Biased opinions and when it comes to the crunch the review is nothing like what you get.

We ofcourse hold the right to choose which reviews get viewed, as we could open a can of worms if allowed.

ie good writing skills are a bonus, no bad lingo that could influence young children.

We are just probing to see if you guys would like to see something like this in the forum.

So your input will be appreciated in this, be it yeah or neah.

Also any suggestions on how this should work also appreciated.

This site is here for you guys.

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Great idea,

Already have a proper review of my machine zepto 6625wd, it was supposed to be for NBR but I guess they never recieved my email

Where should I post or send the review mobilenvidia.



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Start it on the offtopic section for now.

Can you copy and paste it in there.

Do any changes if needed.

PM when your happy, all going well I can then just shift it to the News section where your name will be in lights.

Am still very busy with server stuff so cannot spend much time on this.

But will be very good to have a trial review to see how it comes accross.

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Will do

EDIT: I have links to a lot of images (hosted on imageshack, displayed as thumbnails in the post) and because of that when I click on submit new thread it says I have more images then I am allowed to have?

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No problem, Blackbird. We've got you covered :)

Very impressive review. Nicely done!

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