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fuzzy tv quality?


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I have the WinTV-HVR-950 on my laptop. Quality has been always good up until I was provided

a custom (or beta?) driver for 64bit version of Vista Ultimate from Hauppauge tech team. I have downloaded

Vista SP1 beta already as well to fix the known Media Center memory bug (64bit versions only).

However, the quality when viewing via Media Center or Hauppuage own TV software provided on the

download page is very fuzzy, I have no idea why. It is not my cable itself because I hooked up a regular

TV and it was fine, not to mention Cablevision came and replaced the splitter, cables and provded on their

own tv that it was my computer or usb tv tuner. What could be the cause otherwise?

Here is the catch, I replicated the same problem with my Pinnacle HD Pro Stick USB tv tuner as well.

I also tried going directly to the laptop, bypassing the usb hub.

I duplicated this problem on both tv tuner usb cards with the following software:

Vista Media Center

Sage TV

Beyond TV

Hauppauge WinTV Software

I also duplicated this the following ways:

- both usb tuners - same results

- via my laptop screen and 2 other monitors - same results

- bypassing usb hub, direct to laptop - same results

Ultimate Problem: aside the fuzziness, I know 32bit Vista gave no problem. However, due to the boatload of other things on my mind lately, I cannot remember if 64bit has always been this way because I don't recall trying Hauppauge's native software in 64bit version. I know there was no way to try Media Center without the sp1 patch due to the memory bug in 64bit versions of Vista. Pinnacle has no 64bit support for Media Center (lame!). As a matter of fact, I do remember thinking it may have been the Nvidia driver, but the one I used prior to trying this current one (and this one too) work fine on dvd's or Blu-Ray dvd as well. I have Blu Ray drive built in my Sony laptop.


Vista 64bit Ultimate w/ SP1 beta

Custom driver provided by Hauppage: driver version

Regular Cable Connection (not antenna nor top box)

Core 2 Duo / 4GB Memory

Nvidia 8400M GT: driver

TV Tuners (USB)

Hauppuage Win TV HVR-950

Pinnacle HD Pro Stick

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