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shinji257 has found the cure for the 160's control panel crash.

I've just applied the fix to 169.17 and 169.21 and will be in future INFs as of this one.

Setting the NoPages to 0x40000000 seems to fix the issue.

In the olden days it had to be set to zero to enable all pages.

If your control panel is crashing this registry patch will take it. It changes the NoPages setting to 40000000 hex. This should work on any future versions as well. I found this on the DNA-Force 169.04 driver derivatives where the control panel worked but the LaptopVideo2Go version did not for the same driver version. I also tested this on the NBF MobileForce version where they have the same crash problem (their inf files are derived from LaptopVideo2Go modified inf files). They all appear to work fine afterwards. Should not affect any graphics tweaks you may have.

Save to your desktop and apply the patch to make the correction. Only do this if you are experiencing the crash. If someone that does not experience the crash could see if the actual display looks any different between the two post some screenshots please? Maybe this might be incorporated into future inf files.

NOTE: Only tested on XP SP2 32-bit. Not tested on Vista 32-bit/64-bit or on XP SP2 64-bit. I've attached screenshots of the crash in question so you can see what I was talking about specifically.

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