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Screen tearing**


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Hello to all,

I have a Sony Vaio laptop with 1900x1200 as native resolution. I am having a 8600m gt nvidia card WITH 256 MB of memory expandable to 1 gigabyte. My machine has a core duo 2.2 processor with massive amounts of RAM

I am using the 169.13 Vista 32-bit drivers and I am experiencing extensive tearing in some applications OR GAMES. For example, PES 6 is one.

Tried to change the resolution, but the problem exists even in the lower ones. I have been experimenting with the card settings (Vsync on/off), triple buffering and all the rest but to no result. I am still getting extensive tearing.

The strange is that with the latest version of the same application which is more demanding I am not getting any tearing but if I raise the screen resolution to 1600x1200, 1900x1200, or 1600x1080 I get really annoying flickering which makes it unplayable.

Do you have any solution to the tearing problems? Do you know any drivers that can apply better to my machine?

Thanks in advance

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IMVHO the screen rates you are trying to run at are too much for the gpu. I have the same and run games at 1024 X 768.

You may think but this card is great but what you have to remember it is a laptop and they run alot hotter than pc`s with proper cooling.

Your native resolution is that high?

2D should be fine which I cannot answer for even if it is really high setting.

What I suggest is to run games at 1024 x768 and play around with drivers.

Expandable to 1 gig? not true.

Things don`t add up here but try the above.

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