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169.25 is out


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Another 169.xx driver, keeping up with 2 per week and now 1 per day.

Latest driver out there, dated 11th Dec.

Only in Vista flavours at the moment.

Vista x86

Vista x64

# BETA driver for GeForce 6, 7, and 8 series GPUs.

# Added support for NVIDIA 3-way SLI Technology.

# Added support for GeForce 8800 GTS 512 GPU.

# Recommended driver for the latest DirectX 9, DirectX 10, and OpenGL applications.

# Numerous game and application compatibility fixes. Please refer to the release documentation for more information on features, driver fixes, and known issues.

Fixed Issues?Windows Vista 32-bit

Single GPU Issues

All GPUs

? Blu‐ray disc titles over component‐out do not play at 576p.[304186]

GeForce 8 Series GPUs

? GeForce 8 Series: The Help topic for Antialiasing inaccurately states to use override

when turning off in‐game AA. [308859]

The override option should be used only if your application does not have built‐in

antialiasing control.

GeForce 7 Series GPUs

? GeForce 7900 GTX: Half‐Life 2?performance drops by 50% at resolution 2048x1536

and 1920x1440 compared to 2560x1600.[304298]

? GeForce 7 Series: With TMM enabled, the driver does not detect a hot‐plugged

VGA (dongle) or DVI connection.[250354 273864]

GeForce 6 Series GPUs

? GeForce 6800: Star Wars Empire at War ? the application crashes to the desktop

after displaying the logo ʹpetroglyphʹ during launch. [344182]

? GeForce 6800: Frame drops occur when playing MPEG2 video files using Windows

Media Player 11. [284346/336873]

SLI Mode Issues

GeForce 8 Series GPUs

? [sLI], GeForce 8800 GTX: Everquest2?there is a brief flicker when entering the water

with 8xAA enabled. [306973]

? [sLI], GeForce 8600: 3DMark06?the screen goes blank after running all the tests

using the default settings, requiring a hard reboot. [348065]

? [sLI], GeForce 8600 GT: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?the game crashes to the desktop

when antialiasing is set to 8x (Enhance) from the NVIDIA Control Panel. [308931]

? [sLI], GeForce 8600 GT/GTS: 3D games such as Battlefield 2, Age of Empire 3,

Battlefield 2142, Far Cry, and Chronicles of Reddick behave erratically when played

while the NVIDIA Control Panel is open.[303662]

? [sLI], GeForce 8600: Warhammer 40k Mark of Chaos?the ground has flickering

patches when using SLI mode. [332353]

? [sLI], GeForce 8500/8400/8300: Dungeon Siege 2?the system crashes after enabling

SLI and Override AA set to any value (from the NVIDIA Control Panel). [330815]

? [sLI], GeForce 8500/8400/8300: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars?corruption

and flickering occurs in the game after pressing the ESC key. [328823]

? [sLI], GeForce 8500/8400/8300: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?there is flickering and

corruption on the player selection screen and in the game. [328013]

GeForce 7 Series GPUs

? [sLI], GeForce 7900 GTX: Gothic 3?the mountain reflections in the water flicker after

enabling SLI mode.[340574]

GeForce 6 Series GPUs

? [sLI], GeForce 6600/6200: The ʺResize Desktopʺ tab does not work on the NVIDIA

Control Panel‐>Resize HDTV Desktop page. [349389]

Fixed Issues?Windows Vista 64-bit

? GeForce 7 Series: With TMM enabled, the driver does not detect a hot‐plugged

VGA (dongle) or DVI connection.[250354 273864]

? GeForce 7800 GTX: ?Display Driver is not responding ? messages appear when

playing HD files using WinDVD with hardware accelerator enabled. [309218/


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We need a countdown timer for the next 169.xx driver. My guess is we will get 169.26 or 169.27 in 36 hours or less.

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