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Problems with my 8600M GS


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Recently i bought Acer Aspire 5920G and was pretty happy bout that. laptop showed good performance in all of my software and games that i couldn't play before (old laptop had go 6200 on board). But i started getting some problems. Like yesterday i installed Stalker, and i got poor performance for some reason. Before, i could've play it even on my old laptop (with most of the options down, but still). now, its strange, because it shows almost the same fps on all detail levels (max, high, mid, low) on 1200x800, still shows low fps on 1024x768 with mid settings. is that possible?? if i got normal fps with go 6200 on 1024x768, low details before, how can i get such a low performance with 8600?

another problem - i can't run Bioshock.. i tried about 4-5 different drivers from this website, and none of them got my bioshock running.. on my stock drivers i could've get passed the into movie, then the game'd freeze. now i can't even get to the movie, it freezes streight after i choose the difficulty level.

then, none of the drivers i tried could be overlocked :) most of them just go back to normal settings after i press ok in riva tuner, and 169.04 would save the settings, but then my vista says: "your driver has crashed and succesfully restored".. can anyone help me with that?

Also, all of the new drivers i downloaded give me worse performance in The Witcher, then stock ones, but that might be vista prob, since that game was made for XP mainly (it doesn't officially support Vista, thats what it says on the back of my cd anyway)

Can anyone suggest how to solve some of those probs? ty in advance

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can anyone suggest anything? staff members or pro users? :)

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