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Issue Overclocking..


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So I have been reading threads about people with the 8600MGT Overclocking to freqs. like 600/540 and even higher in some cases.

I Have been running 575/500 for quite some time, but was intrigued by these higher overclocks and slightly jelous, so i tried a modest increase (I thought) going up to


Started up 3dMark06 and when it was switching to test 2, my driver got one of those, failed but recovered things and 3dMARK wouldnt go any further.

Whats the deal, why cant I seem to the beak the 575/500 mark...


Im using 169.01 which seems to be the best driver still accoridng to others benchmark posting (using ntune to OC)

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Heres a link to GPU-Z, showing what I have been running..


im beginning to think the 1520's just overclock better, cause im on a 1720 and yea... well cant get much past what u see above, without getting a driver crash or w/e.. Less it is 169.01.... anyone know if its 169.01?

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It's not an issue with the 1720s. I have a 1720 and have it OCed to 600/500 with no problems at all, temps all stable etc. No crashes or artifacts.

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Hurm.. If this happen.. it might becoz u got the unlucky release card..u know..the factory release a bunch of card at once...n u got the batch that cant oc higher than that...

If i'm wrong..correct me.. anyway..try using other version of driver...

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