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ASUS G1S w/ 8600M GT [Overclocking]


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First of all, I would like to tell people if they could please post their 3DMark06 (default) scores and tell us what G1S model (A1, B1, B2 etc), driver version and OS so we can compare and analyze.

My scores to let you guys know. With 101.38 (default driver) from ASUS I got 3850 in 3DMark06 at defaults. Upgraded to 169.12 and got 4010 :) . This is with everything at default.

Finally, I was gonna ask but then noticed that Im not the only one. Wth a G1S-B1 w/ 8600M GT, the temps gets as hot as 91c when playing Crysis (in granades and shooting), at game walking is around 85-88c. This is with no OC and drivers 169.12. Screen Res at 1650x1050 and Crysis in windowed. At idle (windows desktop) it lies between 60 and 70c. This is using Everest Ultimate Edition.

Are all the users with an ASUS G1S getting this kind of temps? I really want to OC but with this temps, Im scare.

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I get around those temps without OCing. I've heard the same thing from other users. I've had scores ranging from 3600 to 4325. The highest was with 3 gigs of ram instead of 2. Can't remember if I OCed it. I have a G1S-A1.

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