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Any new drivers make Aero choppy for me!


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Ok so let me state this from the beggining.

I bought some time ago a new laptop and Windows Vista was working great on it, Aero was a delight to see. Later on I installed new applications, got new drivers and all. Then Aero started to work choppy for me: Flip 3D was everything but smooth, the preview panes in the start bar would sometimes not work at all, windows would look ugly when minimizing/maximizing until the transition animation stopped finished...

At first I thought this was because once several applications had been installed, Vista and Aero in general would obviously start working slower.

But then three days ago I installed Service Pack 1, and alongside with it, Windows Update automatically installed the latest drivers from Sony. Somehow Aero worked smooth again, in fact so smooth that I had forgotten how well it worked the first time.

Then I installed one of the latest drivers and, to my surprise, Aero was working choppy again. I reverted back with a Restore Point and then it worked well again.

Since then I have tried several drivers, but all of them give me the same result: Windows Aero works choppy.

And then I wondered... if Aero works choppy with other drivers, maybe that is the main cause as well to why some of my games run so slow.

Has anybody have any idea why my computer is reacting like that?

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I have tried to install some of the latest mobile and desktop drivers to no avail.

I also read that uninstalling previous drivers may help fix many problems, but I just can't seem to be able to uninstall them.

Even though I uninstalled Nvidia Drivers from the Control Panel and rebooted the laptop, I still get NVidia drivers (altough ones that are a lot older, 153.something). And then there's no more uninstalling. I even tried going to the Hardware list and manually uninstalling the Graphics Display driver, but it just won't do anything. The window closes and I can't get to uninstall anything.

So far the only drivers that work smooth with aero for me are 167.43 from Sony through Microsoft Update, but those are hardly the fastest drivers. Also I would like to note that I want to keep the Blu Ray functionality intact (so non-WHQL drivers won't budge).

Can anybody explain this abnormal behaviour???

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