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Thanks to all that looked but didn't respond to my post!


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Thanks to all that looked but didn't respond to my earlier post!

I hope you have the same problem!!!

None of the drivers list geforce 8700m gt for my laptop.

I want to play my games but if it doesnt say my vid cards i am not going to install just any one.

I would appreciate ANY comment or advise on which driver to use.

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Any of the drivers for your Operating system here http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showforum=72

should work... Just because your particular Laptop isnt mentioned doesnt mean they wont, with the moddified inf. it should work fine.

drivers are in packages and work for all gpus in the line usually.

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Garandhero, thank you!!!

I just wanted confirmation on which version to use.

I have one more question though. I see a post about adding some lines the inf file to enable sli mode. Do the drivers support sli for XP or do I add the lines int this post?


By the way the link you posted doesn't work. Never mind it does.

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If you download one of the XP drivers, and they do what Mobilenvidia said in the link you provided to the modded infs. I dont see why it wouldnt work..

Just make sure you install correctly.

That is

Download Driver,

Download Modified Inf.

Make Adjustments to Inf. to fix SLI

Install with Have DisK Method.

Im not sure which drivers are best for XP 32bit, but I use 169.01 for Vista 32bit and they are great. Dont be afraid to test several drivers, and read reviews of what people are saying. Good Luck.

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SLI can be tricky. Read more into it in the SLI section. There is a lot they are not telling people about SLI.

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I want to thank all of you for replying. I used the 169.21 and it worked great. SLI is working (didn't have to make adjustment, was included and checked device manager), games I couldn't get to work are all playing great and don't ask for updated drivers. :) :) :P

Don't know what I would have done with out the help and LaptopVideo2Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My vendor kept giving me the run around. I have a Clevo motherboard but, was told to get drivers from Prostar????

Wish I had waited for the 8800's though. I can't upgrade.

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