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Quadro FX Go1400 and 1600M in WoW

Astro tSD

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Hey all,

I've been looking all over this forum, and it's obviously a great resource, but I'm getting rather confused about a few things.

The Current

I currently am using a Dell Precision M70, running Vista. It's got a Quadro FX Go1400 graphics card. I've downloaded drivers and installed them using the Have Disk method, from here, a few times. Most recently, it's been driver version (12/05/2007), which I believe is also referred to as 97.35. I've read that the Quadro FX Go1400 is really a GeForce 6800 Go with different bios, and that by installing these drivers, it would appear to the OS as a GeForce 6800 Go. However, it still shows up in device manager as a Quadro FX Go1400. My main high performance use of the machine is for playing World of Warcraft, where I get a meager 20fps usually, dropping down to a terrible 2-4fps in intense combat, with all graphics settings at the lowest possible (while still at native resolution). Am I installing the driver wrong? Do I need to somehow install the GeForce 6800 bios as well?

The Future

In about two weeks, I'll be getting a new Dell Precision M6300, which has a Quadro FX 1600M graphics card, and Vista x64. I will not be doing any CAD or 3D modeling/rendering or video editing, or any of the other things that a Quadro FX is intended for, so I want to maximize my gaming performance. Which drivers should I use? Is there a GeForce bios that I should install for this?

I'd really appreciate any light that any of the knowledgeable people here can shed on my problems. Thanks!

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In about two weeks, I'll be getting a new Dell Precision M6300, which has a Quadro FX 1600M graphics card, and Vista x64.

My first impressions of my HP 8710w / FX1600M / vista32 are quite favourable with its default drivers so far, performing quite like 8700M GT.

The first benchmarks:


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