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Ok...I'm a rookie with this site. I'm ok with computers.

I have an Asus V2S B-1 notebook.

Card is GeForce 8600M GS.

How can I tell if the updated drivers on this site are ok for my card?

I see the list of devices that seem to be supported by a driver on this site. For example, I see an 8600 GS in the list. But I don't see the 8600M GS being supported. So can I download the driver?

Thanks for your patience and responses.


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Why should we be gentle when it does not appear that you have read the FAQ section first?

You could at least lie and say you did and we would feel better answering your questions?

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I did read FAQ and for the latest drivers, I still don't see my exact mobile card in the support cards.

Am I missing something?

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The list of supported cards in the driver topics is the list that the driver originally supports.

The mod INF will have your card listed if you would bother to look into it.

We don't list those as the mod INF should have all Nvidia cards from the GeForce 2 and up. A list is not necessary.

Maybe we should change the wording in the driver topics if this is what is confusing a lot of people.

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Hey look...I'm not trying to ###### you off...

I heard about this site and wanted to give it a look...

Apparently keeping things simple is very hard to do...

All I want is an updated driver for my video card...simple...either it's here or it's not...

Remember, not everyone knows everything like you apparently know everything...

What I want is simple...an updated driver for my card...

Maybe you all need to make this site idiot proof...

Remember, some of use have a life with our work and families and kids we don't have time to spend hours upon hours surfing and writing code...

Just keep things simple and chill with the attitude...

If keeping things simple and having some patience is a problem, then up the prozac dose...

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