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  1. 1. Are you satisfied by the quality of this driver and can you recommend it for other users?

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    • Yes, even though i noticed a few bugs.

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I'm so lost...

156.xx Driver same performance as 169.xx?!? or more OUTDATED and fall behind late driver??!?!

My question is: 15x.xx and 16x.xx series are only to separate laptop and desktop driver right?

It seems to be non-sense and really pointless since INF dude making 16x.xx works on laptop. (Who needs 15x.xx?!?)

bro u r right 16x.xx is for desktop computer not m in nvidia name, 15x.xx is for laptop users with nvidia 8xxxm with m ant the end jeje, so they suck cuz they never developed good drivers for laptop so is kind i still ###### up with that good luck

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Use 156.xx on laptops and 169.xx on desktops

feel free to use them the other way around, but don't whine if certain features then not work as intented (Hibernation / powersave / sleep modes etc)

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Hi. I've installed this latest mobile drivers and gone from both 4,9 and 4,9 (with the latest asus drivers) on the graphics part of the vista result to an 4,8 and 4,4 with this drivers!!! I have an Asus G1 with a geforce go7700.

What gives?? I do an update and it gets slower?? I don't feel the laptop is any slower on games (so far) but it's a big drop in the index experience!! Sorry for my english, im from Portugal. :)

Is this normal or the result doesn't reflect real gaming performance??


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Hmm, guy , do you know the name of this site?

150 are the mobile drivers (or mostly for the go cards), and 160 are the desktop ones doesnt have anything todo with beta non beta.

umm, actually the 169 series are all beta drivers. just so you know

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Guest everbrave

On my Sony Vaio SZ61, 156.87 resets the Vibrance setting when I clcik "Apply". This does not happen with 156.69.

Any clue?

By The Way: I get a 3D Vista score of 4.6 with any of the 156.xx drivers and 4.7 with 167.xx and 169.xx family!

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This driver doesn't work with SLi. I have Dell XPS M1730. Tried this driver, tested... SLi can be enabled but the performance in game and benchmark is those of single GPU.

I had 8100 3dmark06 score with 169.04, 8045 with 169.28, however with this driver... score is only about 4k.

Not recommended. Also, you have to instal mod INF. Otherwise, M1730 will not recognize it.

That's all from me.

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Never mind--figured it out.

After extracting the "Driver" folder to my desktop, I clicked on the folder. In the folder, I found a compressed ("zipped") folder entitled "original inf's". I opened this folder and clicked "extract all" at the top of the screen. Then, I specified that the 3 files should be extracted to the folder "15687_vista" (that's what my folder was called). When given the choice, I chose to replace the three files already in the folder with the same names with these compressed ones. Then, I ran setup.exe. Keep in mind that this driver was made for my video card (8600M GT), so no modded INF was necessary.

The drivers seem to have installed correctly, and I tested my games on them briefly. No problems so far, keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks!! Ill post later after I check out performance in Team Fortress 2

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Guest hell boy

got some

loaded,loadad,god,allammo,fly) but if loaded or loadad 1 for them can be use in UnrealTournament 2004 , UnrealTournament anyway i say get cheating!!!


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