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Using Quadro (570m) drivers for my 8600mGT card

Guest zedro

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Hi all, I've been searching (suffering) on my dial-up for the past couple days trying to figure out how to get good openGL app support (mainly for Catia V5) out off my new Toshiba P200-LC3 which features the GeForce 8600mGT 256mb DDR3 card. Now I've learned 2 things: 1. this card is the equivalent to the Quadro FX 570m, and 2. GeForce cards can't be fully modded to a Quadro since the 6xxx series (correct me if i'm wrong anytime).

Now I have come across some mentions of people still apparently softmoding the 8xxx to some quadro capability, or at least perhaps quadro drivers loading properly. Now I'm not looking to burn up the specperf numbers vs real Quadro performance, I mainly want to get the app level driver support of the Quadro to be avail for me GeForce, for at least smoother viewing.

From what i understand, Rivatuner will let me trick the detection of the card to appear as the Quadro (low level sys tweaks/NVstrapdriver/Graphics adaptor ID>>>set to quadro), then I uninstall my current driver, reboot the system, re-install the new driver of choice (using the moded infs of course) and then boom....quadro driver and app feature support? Is it that easy or am I missing some steps, or is the whole concept complete fantacy and the card will never-ever take a quadro driver?

Otherwise, what are some steps to improve my 3D app OpenGL performance? The spin-spin-zoom-zoom is pretty choppy right now. Thanks for any help.

PS, my current OEM driver is 156.64 (running Vista 32bit), but the FAQ section on this site says only 160 and up drivers should be used with 8xxx cards....could Toshiba's bad driver support be sandbagging this cards performance anyways?

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